Freeze automations?

Good morning to everyone! I have a problem (as usual! :rofl:) and I need your help.
I stupidly started a project with a base to which to add audio phrases (singing and or instrument) without paying attention to bpm because at that moment I was not interested!
After recording a dozen vocal parts to which I added (to each!!) many automations (echoes that enter and exit, reverberations that turn on and off, instruments that they go around in the stereo landscape etc etc) I discovered (stupid, I repeat! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) that, for many reasons, I need the correct value of bpm and the “stay in grid” of the whole project! So from the 120 bpm that I had left by default I “synchronized” all the audio to the new value of bpm 180. Everything audio works perfectly but as soon as I change from 120 to 180 ALL THE AUTOMATIONS applied to the audio files move and are no longer synchronized with the project! :hot_face: What am I doing wrong and where? How can I “freeze” the automations to the audio parts so that WHEN I CHANGE FROM 120 TO 180 they remain locked to the audio part in the correct position? Thanks to anyone who wants to provide me with his help and avoid I having to REDO ALL THE AUTOMATIONS BY HAND
Please, first of all sorry my Eng and than my graphomany but it was necessary to explain right!
I’m waiting for you, thx! :slightly_smiling_face:
Alex :wave:


What is the purpose of the tempo change, please?

Are the Audio Events in the Musical Mode or not? Are the tracks in the Musical or Linear Timebase?

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very kind Mr Martin, I hope to be able to explain my needs altough my Eng. :disappointed_relieved:
First of all many thx for your speed and kind reply.
So …
I haven’t my tracks/audio in Musical mode because I don’t need to change the speed of my song!
I need to allineate all the audio events of the song to the Cubase’s grid (ALREADY DONE) but the automations of my12 tracks don’t follow the moved audio and the echo/reverb/FX etcetera are wrong when I switch to 180.
I hope to explain better with the attached 2 jpg! Fingers crossed.

Many thx for your patience!

P.S. Please, sorry my deep ignorance but what exactely you mean with Musical it Linear Timebase? :cry:


Sorry, it was a typo, it should Musical or linear Timebase.

Here you can read about the Track Time Base. You should use the Linear Timebase for your use case.

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Many thx! I’ll read immediately and I’ll let you know if I can fix the problem. In any case one hundred thousand thanks!! :wave: :heart: