Freeze Auxs and Groups?

When will Nuendo will be able to Freeze Groups and Aux like on normal tracks?
Thank you

Seems to me you would either freeze the sources or just export mixdown with the group as a source… no?

This is Not an option.

Can you explain why it isn’t an option and what the difference would be if you could “freeze” it the way you want to?

Because in a working mix, and i use some process in the groups, and doing that it’s alot time consuming and just delays my workflow.

Sorry, I still don’t understand.

If you choose to freeze you’ll have to wait until the freeze process is over, correct? Isn’t the same true if you simply choose that group as an export source and export and then import that to a new track?

I’m not against being able to freeze groups btw, just trying to figure out if there’s an easy solution for you for now. It seems just exporting should do the job… for now…

If i do what you say, works but you need to bounce, disable all the plugins in the group, and work. If you need to change, send that group track to trash, enable everything, make you ajustments, Rebounce. Go to pool, to delete previous track… etc etc etc… Time consuming… It’s not like “freeze botton and thats it”. Need ajustments? Unfreeze botton, change things, Enable freeze again… It’s more Simple, isn’t it?

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Ok, I understand.

Perhaps rather than disabling all the plugins in the group you can simply “show channels connected to selected channel” after you select the group and then selecting all channels and simply disabling them completely. That way you don’t have to disable all plugins more or less individually to save CPU cycles, you just disable the channels.

The track you created after export/import just gets the same routing as the group. Yes, when you want to tweak something you’d have to again select and re-enable those channels, delete the previously created track (from export) and then redo the process, but at least I’m thinking disabling may save you some time.

Again - I get what you’re looking to do.