Freeze button doesn't seem to work in EZDrummer 3


I’m using EZD3 as an instrument track. Hitting the Freeze button, with all options checked, doesn’t bring up the progress bar or seem to result in anything changing. Any ideas why that may be would be welcome.

Freeze worked as I expected on PianoTeq in the same project.


Have you dragged any patterns/grooves you’ve programmed in EZD to the instrument track in Cubase? If not, it thinks there is nothing to freeze since there is no MIDI on the track. If you do that, it should work, but remember to mute the patterns in EZD’s song track so you don’t get double triggering. (I say “mute”, because I usually want the option to edit the parts further in EZD, but, if you don’t need that possibility, then you can just delete the patterns within EZD.)

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This makes great sense, thank you @rickpaul !

I was thinking to Freeze this because I want to lower the strain on my computer.

Much appreciated!

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IMHO freeze is useless, much better to render in place: you can edit the new track, you can compare to the original track, youve got an audio file ready to export, etc, and always have the original track to go back and edit. Besides, I have a macro to render, disable and hide the original track, with just one click...I dont use freeze since a couple years ago.