Freeze button not enabling

Can anyone help me with enabling the “Freeze” snowflake button on each track in Cubase? I’m working with a template for a series I’m writing for, and I’m trying to make it a little faster to open my sessions, as well as export audio mixdowns by “purging” or freezing some tracks that are not currently in needed. Am I going about it the wrong way or is there some way I need to enable this Freeze button?

Thank you!


Where are the tracks routed to? To any instrument? Do you have any (MIDI) data recorded in the track already?

Could you attach a screenshot of the affected track, please? Maybe we will see, why you cannot freeze it.

Any message appears?

ooh I see. So you can’t actually freeze the track unless there’s data written for it. What I was hoping that the freeze function could do is freeze tracks I’m not actually using in this session, as I’m writing from a template I’ve created where I don’t always use all tracks. hmmm, I have to find some other way of making this quicker. Thank you!