Freeze Channel in Cubase 6

Hi guys, I’m wondering where the freeze button for channel goes in Cubase 6. Here is the screenshot from Cubase 5 and cubase 6

Thanks in advance !

I don´t have C6, and I´m not gonna read the manual for you on that, but I´m almost certain, in C6 you can - just like in C5 - configure the Track controls…


It looks, there is no data to freeze (on the left one picture). It isn’t the same project, is it? Try to use the same project, you will see, there will be the same freeze button - must be! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help guys. Cheers :smiley:

Thinkingcap has it exactly right. The freeze is just hidden from track controls.

Either edit the track controls or open the inspector where freeze is always visible.

thank god for the right click in cubase!!