Freeze Chord Track Changes to MIDI

Hi, I have a chord track where I have built a few chord progression loops that point to a HALION track. I want to freeze those loops to MIDI data so I can arrange them.

So far I tried:
Dragging the chord events onto the HALION track. This kind of worked until I glued the chord events together into a progression loop. Everything reverted back to 4 bars of C.

Chords To MIDI function. This only worked in the section where the chord track events were. If I drag the MIDI events to another part of the track everything reverts back to C again. Defeats to purpose really.

I have muted the chord track, disabled its auditioning, turned off chord following on the HALION track inspector.

Is there something I’m missing? I want to keep the chord track so I can go back and make changes later if necessary. I dont really want to make duplicates of every track I’m using chord changes on. Gotta be a simpler way


This should be the way. Make sure the HALion track is disconnected from the Chord Track (it doesn’t follow the Chord Track anymore), once you do this. Otherwise once you would change the Chord Track Chords, the HALion track would follow, i.e. change the chords in the track.

Yeah this is the documented method and it SHOULD work. But even if I turn off chord track in the inspector and the mixer the midi just reverts back to C. I had to create a new midi track and drag the chords onto that. Only then did the chords get ‘baked’ into midi


Could you make a video screen recording and post a link here, please?