Freeze files and cache files... where are they?

So I tried to bring a hole project with a frozen vst that I don’t have in the studio. I did what I was doing after buy C7, I copied all the folder project.

But now When I open the project in the studio C7 says that the cache file for the frozen VSTi isn’t in the folder so it must be unfrozen… but I don’t have the VST!

Where the freeze files are saved? :confused:

In the Freeze folder. :confused:

Ok weird enough

My files structure is:

d:\Band Name\Song Name\

my audio files are in
d:\Band Name\Song Name\Audio

And for some estrange reason the freeze folder is in:
d:\Band Name\Freeze\

I will have to fix that in some way… :frowning:

Never heard of that.

Neither do I.

But it happen to me now in W8 64 bits with C7 64bits, the frozen VSTi was Kontakt 5 (16Ch frozen)


Try Prepare Archive then Backup Project to a new folder. Open from new location and freeze something.

I will try that when I go back home, I’m looking my laptop using teamviewer now, but I have my eLicencer with me, so I can’t open C7 :cry:

Maybe this correction in 7.0.2

- Resulting audio files from a recording are now always placed in the correct folder.

have something to do with my problem