Freeze Files Missing

When reopening projects with many frozen tracks often those freeze files will suddenly become missing and all tracks will become unfrozen. I haven’t noticed any pattern to this though it seems the older the project the more likely it will occur. I’m definitely not deleting them.

Edit: perhaps I am deleting them after all, just not from within the project in question.

I just want to throw this out there…
Depending on how you work in your projects, unfreezing without selecting “keep freeze files”, could cause this. For example, if you take your project into two directions with some frozen tracks, those different projects now share those frozen track files. If you unfreeze in one projects without selecting keep freeze files, they will be lost in the other project.

This is likely what is happening, though when I branch a project I save it to a new folder and would expect once the project is saved to a new folder that the frozen files would be copied over as well, essentially starting an independent branch. I don’t think this is occurring … but don’t hold me to it. I haven’t tested to make certain this is the case.

Anyway, thanks for the insight, Jaslan.

When you “save as…” ONLY the .cpr file is put in the new location. All of the other media such as audio, freeze, images, etc. remain in the designated “project folder”.
If you want to start a completely new, independent version, use “backup project…” and it copies everything to the new specified location.

Very helpful. Thanks, Jaslan.