Freeze function for Group and FX channels

Hi everyone. I’m new here. I recently crossgraded from Pro Tools (2018) and I’m loving the flexibility, customization, and workflow enhancements. So far there is very little that I prefer doing in PT over Cubase, but the way that Pro Tools does the Freeze and Commit functions is vastly superior because I can do those functions across multiple channels (even Aux tracks) with a simple right click.

I’m shocked that, for a function that’s been around in Cubase for such a long time, that the ability to freeze does not exist on Group and FX tracks. In a normal mix session where I’ve got 50 audio tracks, I’ve probably got 50-70 group and FX channels up those channels have about 80% of the plugins I use. So not only is the freeze function tedious (click a track, wait, click a track, wait, click a track, wait, etc…), but it is incapable of addressing the majority of my DSP usage.

Cubase is already smart enough to know that when I solo a group channel, it should solo all the tracks feeding it and all the FX channels being fed by it. I’d like to submit that a similar kind of logic for the Freeze function would be very helpful, like the way Freeze is done in Pro Tools.


100% agree… btw more plugins are often on group channels as on input ones.

+1 this would literally enhance my life

not sure if this is possible on the way cubase is designed but +1

Please Steinberg I beg you. If we’re not going to see an increase in CPU efficiency in the near future, then at least give us the ability to freeze group tracks and FX tracks as a workaround!

Unfortunately CPU efficiency seems to have become worse with each new version since around 7… - especially 9.5! It’s now at the point where my Macbook Pro maxes out before reaching the halfway point of a song. This pretty much means that I’m screwed unless I render down half my session (which I hate doing).

Fellow peers who share this pain, please give this thread some momentum!


Also freeze in background.

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+1 I discovered the need for this when archiving old sessions, it would definitely make things more future proof. I ended up routing FX tracks to inputs and recording in real time but this would have saved a bunch of time.

This is a feature I miss most from Studio One AND Cubase.
This is one thing that keeps me coming back to reaper.

It makes much more sense in a modern context to be able to freeze and or Render FX tracks and Aux tracks. These can take up so much CPU power and often all we need to do is control the volume of the track