Freeze function for Group and FX channels

We are all aware of the issues that are encountered by CPU overload - ie. files become corrupt, sessions become unworkable etc, frequent crashes etc

Unfortunately CPU efficiency seems to have become worse with each new version since around 7… - especially 9.5! It’s now at the point where my Macbook Pro maxes out before reaching the halfway point of a song.

One of the major reasons for CPU overload is a high number of plugins, which is OK because you can freeze tracks right? No. I take it the majority of producers out there working on large sessions insert most of their plugins on either a group track or an FX track, which currently cannot be frozen. This pretty much means that if do reach CPU capacity, you’re pretty much screwed unless you render down half your session (which most of us prefer not to do).

Please Steinberg I beg you. If we’re not going to see an increase in CPU efficiency in the near future, then at least give us the ability to freeze group tracks and FX tracks as a workaround!

Fellow peers who share my pain, please comment etc to get this thread some momentum!!