Freeze / Glitch playback

In big need of assistance. Thank you in advance

I’m using Cubase for two decades.
In the past months I’ve experienced glitches / freeze moments of the playback. It makes it impossible to work this way. I used a Macbook pro 2015, 10.5 with Cubase 11.
I thought that perhaps the computer is too old and that I should buy new one that could “carry” the projects I’m working on.

I bough a Macbook pro 2023, M2 64 RAM operating system Ventura 13.5.2.
I used the time machine to recover al the information from the old computer to the new one, but the freeze still existed !
So I purchased Cubase 12 since it’s supposed to work better with M2, and the freezes still appear.
I’m clustered and don’t know what to do.
If I’m not able to solve this, I might end up moving to another DAW
In the project I have closed all the splugins and the freezes are still here.

Did someone encounter this problem as well?
Any advice ?
Thank you very much

I am using Cubase 12 with a new HP Slim Desktop with a 12th generation i5 (12400) chip. I am getting dropouts and glitches during playback. I have read this problem appears with many 12th gen i5, i7, and i9 Intel chips. What can we do?: This could really hurt Steinberg’s reputation.

Hi everybody! I ran into a similar problem. I also use Cubase 12 and everything has been going perfectly until now, but yesterday when I started a new project I noticed that during the recording the instruments don’t sound and the cursor stops, after a while it goes on, but there are no sounds, it’s just missing for a moment . Although it does this when playing with all previous projects as well. I did not make any changes to the hardware or the software environment. Have you ever encountered such a thing? What could have gone wrong and how can the problem be rectified?
Thank you in advance for any help!

There are so many components and factors that need to work together to make a DAW perform well, not just what model of processor you have. Things like your ASIO driver, buffer size and sample rate will impact your performance as will GFX card driver together with a number of other PC components that could act up.
There’s been a ton of posts on this forum (and others) where performance has been discussed. Many of these threads have some good solutions and tips. I can only recommend you spend a day or two reading up on the subject and testing different settings/configuration to find what works best on your system.

When I bought a new computer, I copied the content of the old one using a time machine.
After I saw the glitches were still there, I deleted all the content of the new computer and started to install all the software and plug-ins manually. That solved the issue. So I guess something with the old computer’s data / settings was causing the problem, but I don’t know exactly what was the source of it.

I hope this helps someone …

I found the bug! My sound card is an external M-Audio M-Track Eight, the driver of which has a conflict with the ASIO4ALL driver. According to my assumption, this happened because on one occasion I turned on the sound card later than the computer and Cubase started, and the loading of the drivers was mixed. When I just set the M-Track8 as the drive, everything was fine.