Freeze Instrument Tracks Crashing System

Is anyone else having issues when you Freeze Instruments Tracks in cubase 8? Every time i try to freeze a track, I get a system crash seems to work in 7.5?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Samething Here

What are your system specs?
Mac or Windows?

Freezing and unfreezing tracks is the only time Cubase crashes on me, but it doesn’t happen every time or I wouldn’t use freeze at all. This happened in 7.5 and is the same for me in 8.

Me too.
Open an old 7,5 project with channels freezed.
Unfreeze is ok but as soon as I want to freeze again it crashes upon clicking “yes” in the freeze dialogue window.

Same here (8.0.10)…

It doesn’t crash whole project on me, but I get an error message not allowing me to freeze track
Cubase 8.0.5, Windows 8