Freeze multiple tracks [Achieved]

I’m astonished this still hasn’t been addressed. Unless I’m missing something, this shouldn’t be overly complicated to implement. If “Freeze Selected Track” could even just be made a key command, then we could at least make a macro to freeze a specified number of tracks one after the other. There are certain (seemingly) strangely simple but very useful and glaringly obvious functions that Steinberg seems to avoid addressing for some reason. My friend and I refer to this list as the “Steinberg Mysteries”.

You’ve given me the ability to isolate vocals from complex audio, a tremendous feat from my perspective, yet I can’t freeze 2 tracks or control 2 parameters at once. These are the Steinberg Mysteries.


The price for the next Cubase upgrade would be nothing compared to hardware upgrades.


+1 this would be a huge time saver

I’ve just lose 20 minutes freezing 92 tracks one by one. Pls Implement this feature :_(


There’s also another newer quite big thread about this request here:

In that thread, I suggested the improvement to also include either “Automatic Tail Size Detection”, or simpler an additional Fadeout-section, to the Freeze function.

The reason is to automatically avoid abrupt cut off tails (e.g. reverb). This function would be more important when freezing many tracks in one go. A quote as a summary of that suggestion (so it’s documented also in this thread):

I can see 3 different levels of ambition to the Batch Freeze function:

  1. Include “Automatic Tail Size Detection” (detect tail silence automatically, option to set threshold value and fade-out length).
  2. Include “Fade-out section” that automatically applies to the tail end (option to set fade-out length).
  3. None of the above, just cut the tail at set time length (as now) (sufficient most of the time).

This functionality could be used though also for Render-in-place and for Arranger Track Events, so it’s not only for Batch Freeze.
But yes, it is more important to have the Batch Freeze at all, than to also include additional finesse.

Level 2, add a Fadeout-section, should be easy to implement and would be sufficient.

Level 1 would take a bit more time to implement. It that’s motivated or not depends on the additional development time needed for automatical level detection. Steinberg would know better of implementation time needed, of course.

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+1 come on Steinberg you can do it

Another option could be to treat it more like a video NLE where the entire length of the project is processed for each track, except maybe with the difference in that in Cubase, the user would use the project locators (or a specific cycle marker?) and each track would Freeze to that length.

The downsize to that, would be it might take longer to render each track at full length at 88.2khz when one track might just be a single dry one shot snare fill sample. The upside would be, this would be another way to create zero-end consolidated project files.

Any of the above…Just please make it happen.
Been trying to get this for a decade

+1 please please

+1 !!!

+1… please

this should be a simple thing,




Steinberg, when your audio engine can only take 1/4 of the load your competitors can (see this), at least make sure track freezing is easy.

Ok, ok…Spoiler: We are on it.


But have I missed it, or is is not yet in Cubase 12? Great, that you have than one on the shortlist! : )
What I’ve seen so far, Cubase 12 is great!

We need it, please. Mixing in stems and freezing the whole night long… manually :weary:

Achieved with Cubase 12.0.10.

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