Freeze multiple tracks

Unless I’m missing something really obvious - this isn’t possible.

Would be a huge time-saver, no?


I obviously meant freeze multiple tracks simultaneously - should have been clearer.


Amazed this still isn’t a feature. Found this post (and several other duplicates) when searching, expecting to find this implemented by now.

Great suggestion, came up several years ago, very important for many users.

I have SSDs, fast CPU etc. doesn’t matter, in some cases, you still want to freeze a whole bunch of tracks at once and leave it for a bit to process without having to do one by one.

Here’s a real-world example. A buddy of mine came by last week - he’s an amazing player and I thought I’d get him to layer some playing over a sample-library based track I was working on. Just a last-minute thing. Obviously you want to be in the lowest-latency state possible, with no worries about glitching etc. It took me nearly half an hour to go through each of my tracks manually and freeze each one individually. Now, it still would have taken the time to bulk freeze, but we could have been discussing the track/playing through some stuff, rather than me babysitting Cubase while it ran through something that should clearly be automatable. Time = money = productivity.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to just render the tracks you wanted to use?

Maybe, but the point is, I wanted to have the opticians n of which ones I wanted - he’s a multi-instrumentalist, and we were playing with sending him different elements of the piece. Your suggestion is obviously a perfectly sensible one, but I feel this should be a really simple thing to implement, and I’d use it a lot.



Yeah, I want to be able to freeze multiple tracks and go make a fried egg sandwhich.

Yes, missing this feature very much!

OH yeah. That would be great to Freeze and Unfreeze multiple tracks in a click. When unfreezing, keeping in mind which track were selected for freeze. So that freezing again could be done easily.
Another function : cut or insert a section in the project, and then Cubase automatically calculate again the frozen tracks (at the moment they all come desynchronized from the rest of the project)


I have wished this feature was available many times.
Hope it comes soon.




+1 ! Time saver feature on big projects.

Just about to Freeze about 60 tracks. Gotta spend the next half hour or so watching Cubase to do it’s thing…just so I can tell it to do the same thing again on the next track. For a smart piece of software, this is a very dumb thing to have to do.

Anyone know if this has been fixed in 9.5? I’m still on 9… will upgrade if it has this feature, but can’t seem to see it anywhere.

On that note… very little point having 16 insert slots…if you’re going to eat up all your CPU with plugins…would be nice to be able to Freeze easily!


… and this: