Freeze on Changing Tab plus export issue

Good day everybody.

I am a user of the latest version of Cubase 10.5.
I am on Windows 10.

I didn’t have problems till some days ago when I started getting the following two issues:

  1. On changing a tab (example going to browser or any other application) Cubase stop working, and if a track was playing it stops immediately. If there is a piano patch loaded, I cannot play it and hear it If I am not inside of the app itself. Never happened before.

  2. Exporting a finished project, the export, either Wav or Mp3 randomly misses some tracks, throughout the arrangement.

    Hope the information given are enough for anybody to suggest something.

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome,

Make sure Studio Setup > VST Audio System > Release Driver when Application is in Background option is disabled, please.