Freeze on Project Opening

Right now, I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for my project to open and hope to have it open soon. I’ve have had versions of this problem for a while now. I have attempted to address by removing all plugins, refreshing the preferences, and a couple other actions that seem to have some affect. Depending on the file, it can hang for a long time and show showing “not responding” in the process list. This happens for various files to a greater or lesser extent.

I have
CPU AMD Athalon 2.8ghz
DAW Cubase 8.5

I have a seperate, solid-state drive for data.


“Cubase Has Stopped Working” is what I’m getting. And then this is, in keeping with Murphy’s Law, of course, on my most current projects.

Cubase Pro 8.0.35 (system in signature). This is on a Cubase-dedicated DAW machine with almost nothing installed other than Cubase. No new installs prior to this problem other than standard windows updates for Win Pro 7 64 bit. System runs in high performance mode. :frowning:

Screen shot:
Cubase Stopped Working.png

When ya clean out all, remove or disable any audio devices in device manage temporarily.
If ya find out it’s the audio device, try these few things.

If your on 64bit windows then try the 32bit audio driver instead.
If on 64bit driver on 64 bit os then try newer or older driver, basically another version of the drive.
Make sure you uninstall proper so no remains of the of driver is their, uninstall via device manager and it will give you the option to completely remove driver files too.
If your driver is asio4all then download the latest version if your on windows 8 or 10.
If you have a usb audio device which is plug n play, so it worked soon as ya plugged it in, then uninstall any driver you installed which will remove the asio driver. Normally any software/drivers that casme with the audio device wont’ install asio and you have to download the asio driver. Believe it or not but the Asio4all is better performance than the usb audio drivers that come with many usb audio devices. So if you can then use the asio4all driver and remove the usb’s asio driver.

My sound card works great but it does hang cubase a little loading and closing and has on all version on all os.

Sorry for not detail how to but google will bring up plenty on all items.