Freeze on too fast VST change

When I change VST Instrument assignment for the instrument on the left column, and immediately, before the instrument initialises change the channel number - Dorico freezes and needs to be restarted, with reset (audio engine freeze). This happens when I load an instrument with default Halion sound on a higher channel, and then load either Kontakt or Spitfire BBC, and try to change the channel to 1. Dorico stops recieving mouse input completely, and all the buttons stop working. Mouse is responsive, and the computer also.
This happened also on my macOS laptop once.

I searched the forum but found no similar threads. I may be not proficient in this new forum, though, so sorry if this was discussed.
Also, hello on the new forum, I only recently got around to making a new account after forum migration and switching computers!

When Dorico hangs, run Activity Monitor and select the Dorico process in the list, then from the cog menu in the toolbar of Activity Monitor, choose Sample Process, and then save the resulting text file. Zip that up and attach it here. Also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from within Dorico after restarting it, and post that here, together with information about the precise time and date at which Dorico hung, so that we can match that up to the logs in the diagnostics.