Freeze Problem With Tempo Change: Bug Or Design?

I have a C4 project which I imported into C8. Several VSTis were frozen but in ‘Musical’ mode (ie. the little orange note symbol is lit). The playback is fine. Until…

I add a small tempo change in the song. Now, this tempo change is NOT anywhere near where the frozen parts were. I just inserted a small ‘dip’ in tempo to add a caesura. The tempo then returns to the original after the cut, so my expectation was that the frozen tracks would respect that and continue to play back fine. But they do not.

I assumed it may be an import issue so I tried experimenting with a new CPR and freezing a new track. Same results.

It -seems- like the ‘freeze’ freezes them in their original time spots. So one has to unfreeze the tracks in order to make the tempo change. That doesn’t seem right to me. So long as no tempo change occurs DURING a frozen part, it seems that Cubase should simply move the frozen bit to the new correct position… as if the MIDI were still enabled.