FREEZE project length, i.e.make it constant not variable

Please, please, please, can we have a method to fix (as in freeze) the project length? Right now it seems to be a variable, and Cubase adds length (arbitarily?) if it thinks the project needs lengthening. This can make the zoom and other inspection features unusable, without resetting the length back to the original value. Greatly appreciated.

I’ve found that when I encounter this it’s usually due to some automation that’s either hidden or has a node out past the end of the song that I’ve missed. when it happens, I show all automation–then make the last node I see within the actual song length a terminator. it’s easy to see anything I need to delete after that.

but I agree this is something I’d love to see improved, because it’s often caused by other actions such as moving around clips, etc. that I wouldn’t intuitively realize was causing it. it’s not obvious enough what’s happening.