Freeze question

Hi guys!

It seems i can’t find a way to freeze audio tracks and instrument tracks…am i missing something or this is not actually possible in cubase 7? :cry:

ps: what is the fastest way to delete plugin from console rack, instead of using mouse and choose ‘no effect’?

Thanks in advance for any info :wink:

It is a button that looks like a snowflake… Page 234 in the OP Manual.

mm i can see the snowflake button only on vst instruments panel (this is standard for previous version of cubase i think). I am asking for audio tracks and instrument tracks…

The snow flake-freeze symbol is not active by default for audio and instrument tracks. Make a rightclick on a track in the tracklist and look for ‘Track Controls Settings’. You can add the flake thing there.

Wow…really thanks man! I didn’t realize that i need to add the freeze button…thank you! :smiley:

Is it possible to transform a freeze track to audio?

Just by exporting it. We’re waiting for the bounce-in-place feature :sunglasses:

But actually frozen tracks are audio you can re-import them from the freeze folder.

Ok thanks! Hope that 29-30 november will be released cubase 7.5, with bounce in place! :mrgreen:

Be careful doing this though. Sometimes Cubase will cut silence out of the file to reduce file size.

Just click and drag them out of the rack.

It automatically makes an audio file in the freeze folder.

Thanks guys!

Oh yeah, didn’t know this as I just don’t use the freeze function because of its ‘no changes till unfreeze’-behaviour.