FREEZE! Rainbow Cursor: Hard restart

It happens a different times, loading a plug in, duplicating a track… anything that requires memory i guess…

the mouse freezes on the rainbox curser and I cannot move it at all.

Have to hold the power button to restart the computer and well its annoying.

A certain plugin?

Nope… Just happened with Steinberg “Chopper” which I havnt loaded in about 6 months…

Only had 2 VSTs, a kick and a snare… nocomp, EQ

Your using Cubase 32bit or 64bit?
If 64bit perhaps you need to get Jbridge think chopper is an old 32bit plugin and perhaps thats the reason.

what are the 2 vst you use?

Greetz Bassbase

Hey well, chopper is included in the cubase 6.5 installation… So i firgured it would worlk… I do have jbridge already… Its not just chopper, this happens all the time with completely different things… oh and im running 64 bit

Copying over large sections
duplications of track
loading vsts… ect…