Freeze Tracks: Display Frozen Audio

When you freeze tracks, it turns the midi and plugin information into audio right? Well, it would be cool if you could see that resulting audio on the track.


But at the same time you would need to mark the track somehow, so you see at first sight, that this is not an audio track, but a frozen midi channel. In general all frozen channels could be marked better.

Yeah that’s true! Actually I already made a separate post suggesting a better way to mark frozen tracks so that you could see all the frozen tracks in a project at once when you’re zoomed out. Maybe they could have an outline/border or an image for a background on the track like a snowflake or something.

Anyway, I made that post and then I was thinking that it would also be nice to actually see the audio that was created too, so I made this post lol. And maybe the created audio from the frozen track can have like diagonal lines through it or something as an indication that it’s frozen.