"Freeze Tracks" doesn't include silent parts

I have Cubase Elements 10.5.20.

Was trying out the archiving suggestion in the September SOS magazine article on Cubase. It suggested using freeze track feature to create stems.

Problem is that when I freeze an audio track and then try to import it into another project from the freeze folder, it doesn’t include ALL the entire original sound. It looks like it’s truncated it and removed any silent sections.

I’ve looked at whether this is settings (48k 24bit verses 44.1k 16bit, etc) but haven’t found a fix.

Do any of your use the freeze tracks like this and is it working for you? Any suggestions?


Use Render in Place instead of Freeze. Freeze function is designed this way to save the space on your hard drive. Freeze is not a render or an export function.

Thanks, Martin, for the reply. I have 10.5 Elements and don’t see this either in the menu options or from searching Ops manual. I suppose this is a Pro feature. In any event, I think the SOS article (September issue, article titled Export Duty, pages 156 to 157) then is mistaken about using Freeze, or I’ve misread it (likely). I can export each track as WAV file and leave it at that.


Right, Render in Pace is not in Cubase Elements.