Freeze Tracks Not Complete

This has been happening very intermittently. Only a little here and there, but every so often I’ll freeze an audio track and it won’t get the whole track. It will simply stop somewhere before the end. If I unfreeze, all the audio is still there but it happen consistently with that particular track - refreezing doesn’t help. I can’t figure out if this is the result of certain plug-ins or what the specific details might be.

What about your Tail Size settings, during the Freezing setup?

I never change it from the default. And the problem is intermittent. It works 95% of the time. It seems to be related to either the number of perhaps a particular plug-in. I’m using mostly UAD plugs right now.

I don’t think it’s related to running out of DSP on the UAD system because I can freeze other tracks and they work fine. And again, it’s repeatable when it happens and it doesn’t matter if I turn off other UAD plugs. Plus when I do run out of UAD DSP I get a warning dialog.

Do you have last update of UAD software? I remember, I had freezing problem with older UAD software too.

Yes, thanks. This is an issue I was having with 4.3 as well. It’s hard to run tests because it’s intermittent although it does seem to happen to lead vocal tracks the most which generally have the most plugs.