freeze unfreeze multiple instruments


i really miss to be able to freeze multiple instruments at once. Myabe there’s a trick ? the only way is to select vsti or instrument tracks one by one and clic on freeze. making “epic” soundtracks there’s really a moment where you’r fine with freezing those divisi strings that you will not change anymore specially when computer goes overloaded with final satge of production.
but then there’s this moment where you want to change and unfreeze all divisi… woudl be useful to select all VSTI and ctrl-ald clic freeze (like other functions in mix console or routing.

You’re absolutely right, and in fact this is a feature many of us ask for since ages. Freeze should work like “record ready”: You prepare as many tracks as you want for the freezing process and activate it for all selected tracks at once by simply pressing “play”. One-stop shopping, so to speak.

… I hardly dare to say it, but even an otherwise convoluted application like L*gic got that one right.