Freeze when changing vst connections preset

I recently changed my system from Lynx 3xAES16s to RME HDSPE Madi FX.
Now when I open an older project and change the connections and load a new RME preset to replace the old Lynx setup, it sometimes hangs…then I have to reboot.
Any help would be appreciated.


there is high probability, this is on the driver (RME) side. make sure, you have the latest update, please.

Also, try to go thru “No driver” in between. Lynx > No Driver > RME. This could maybe helps.

Hey Martin, what does this mean?

Also, try to go thru “No driver” in between. Lynx > No Driver > RME. This could maybe helps.


If you open the project, and open Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, there is Lynx ASIO (or something like this), in the ASIO Driver. Try to change this to the No driver first, and confirm it by Switch button. Then switch it to the RME ASIO, and confirm by Switch button.

OK, I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Nope, that didn’t work. Still getting issues with older projects…

She the issue appears? At the moment, when you switch to the “No driver”, or to the “RME driver”?

Last night, when I switched to no driver, it froze…

Is it always reproducible? If yes, then it’s not on RME side, but clearly on Cubase side.

I’d say about once every three times.
Or course, only when opening older projects. Which right now most are older…since changing to RME.

Even this is pretty a lot.

I can see, you are using Powercore. I just wonder, if this could affects it. Unfortunately, you have a PCIe version, which is not so simple to unplug it.

I still cannot believe this is Cubase general issue. It would be reported very often, and a known issue very soon.

Yesterday at one point I opened an old project for testing, and it froze even before I had a chance to change the VST connections…
Very frustrating…especially with clients looking over your shoulder.

This could really be caused by the Powercore, which is not supported anymore. And these are also 32-bit plug-ins. Very risky, I would say.

OK, so I’ll have to accept the fact that my favorite reverbs might be toast.
For testing purposes, can I just disable the card ?

I physically removed the Poco card. Still getting this freeze when changing the NO driver.
And now the Cubase has stopped working…
Man this has been the most frustrating thing i’ve ever lived in all my years with DAWs…
Where’s my tape deck!

OK I disable all the 32bit plugin and nothing helped. As a matter of fact it got worse…
Now here’s the kicker. I removed my UAD2 Quad card, and all seems to be working great!

Here’s something unusual, and maybe, perhaps a clue to what’s been happening:

  1. When I switch audio drivers I get a UAD error. (see pic below)
  2. When I switch VST connections I get the same UAD error.

What does UAD have to do with Audio drivers and VST connections???

Does this message appear when the UAD is out or in? Could be, it somehow communicates with the ASIO driver.

The message appears when the card is removed.