Freezed files

Sorry if this is a stupid question but where do I find freezed files in media bay? I have a couple of events in a project that I can’t find anywhere… :thinking:
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Frozen files only excist within a project…

Hi @arfo1962,

Depending on the scope of your project, your device may consume more CPU capacity than it can provide, which results in stuttering / crackling playback. Tracks can be frozen by tapping the freeze button. This action disables the track and creates an audio track clone of it, which consumes less processing power during playback.

In addition, There is a setup option to keep the clone track when you unfreeze the original track.

If you want to share processed files, using the mixdown feature might be the right choice for you.

Hope that helps!


Thank you both @CJ_Monster and @LSlowak! :pray:t2:
I knew about unfreezing without deleting the clone but not about the need for mixdown in case I want to share.