Freezed tracks work in other pc'swith plugins not installed?

If I freeze a track with plugins that only my computer has, will the frozen tracks work properly in other pc’s where the original plugins are not present? Of course I am aware that I will be unable to unfreeze the tracks, but still being able to play them properly is a really good thing if it can be done…

Export them instead! :wink:

It is certainly the case that if you freeze a track of a project either audio or vsti, you can still hear and use the sound and apply new processing. I have only done this on the same system, but I’m almost certain that frozen tracks will migrate fine. Pay attention to the dialogues, especially with vstis regarding whether to include channel effects.

Cubase should warn you on project opening, that vstis or plugins are missing, but continue to load fine with the track frozen. Of course this is provided that the freeze files are included with the rest of the project.

Just a word of warning. If you make several different saves of a project, then open any one of them and unfreeze a track, then that frozen part will be lost to all versions unless you pay attention to the pop up question, if in any doubt, select ‘Keep freeze files’

Freeze files will also be transferred when using ‘Back up Project’


Yes, but hitting a single button is much easier if it works :wink:

Thanks a lot, this will save me time when I take the project to another studio if works properly!..

I have had a few times for no apparent reason, the message that “freeze file could not be found channel x will be unfrozen”, so maybe export/import to a new track is your safest option.