Freezes during midi editing (Solved)

Has anyone encounter this? This normally happen after 5-10 minutes in midi editor, Nuendo (PC) suddenly freezes… Ctrl + Alt + delete doesn’t respond, i have to reboot manually each time.

Nuendo 12 ,Window 11

I am on Win11, Nuendo 12, Intel 9900k. I love it. Better performance vs N11 , and 100 % stable …so far :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

I would check the Midi device/ driver. Had issues under Ableton and Win 11 , when using USB Midi drivers from Motu , declared as “Win11 ready”

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Agreed with you :+1:t2:, love the new features too.

Anyway, my problem is solved , i believe the issue is from a 3rd party plugins, i reinstall/update all my 3rd party , leaving out all the old & unused . Now all is good so far :+1:t2::+1:t2:.