Freezes when pressing Get HD files locally

Okay so Finally we managed to locate the files on the performers local harddrive
and I got them sent to me.

However when I launch vst connect login and press get local files a window comes up with the window title saying “not connected” and then
the window is empty, and nothing happens, it just freezes and I can’t even close it. I dont need to be connected to my performer while using this function do I?

I have all the files from my performer on my harddrive, how do I load it correctly into the project?

Also one more thing. As I mentioned before, when I have previously used the get HD files and tansferred them over the internet through vst connect, quite a few of the files never got transferred. Now That I have all the files that are on my performers computer, is there any chance that these files that never got transfered will now be imported into the project correctly? anything special I should do to make this happen? On the other hand, any risk of cubase being confused because of this issue with some files being imported and some not that could result in errors or crashes?

Thanks again for all the help!

a) no, you don’t need to be connected
b) did you get to a file (folder) select box after “Get local HD files”?
c) if so, are you sure that you selected the directory of the Performer folder related to the Cubase project you loaded?
d) nothing gets corrupted in your Cubase project. You may want to make a backup (copy) of that project beforehand just in case.

The designated procedure is: load the Cubase project related to the HD files you downloaded. Activate “Get local HD files” and point to the directory of the Performer files. If successful, save the Cubase project and you’re done. The procedure copies Performer audio files to the Cubase directory of the project in question and adjusts it in the Cubase project. If anything goes wrong during that procedure, the Cubase project is not affected (it may do an autosave in between which gives you an additional backup). If all is good, you can delete the downloaded Performer folder.

If all else fails, you may send the performer project to me to look at (without the audio files of course). The performer project is located in the folder that you transfered and labeled “performerProjectXXX.xml” wher XXX is a large number.

As I described, it frooze just afte clicking the button, never got to choose anything

is the performer project on my computer or the performers?

how/where do I send it?

sending a private message here on the forum only allows me to send pictures

Thanks, got your picture and that‘s indeed a crash, sorry for that. We‘ll try to reproduce it and get back to you.

ok, does that mean that you dont need me to send the project file? I assume it is the one in the folder my performer sent me?

Also, I got a little inpatient so I thought I would try to get the files sent to me through the internet because that has worked before, so I connected through vst connect with my performer and pressed get HD files, but now that also caused a crash.

Also I was wondering if the problem has anything to do with that I started editing the files that I got during the session, the none HD files (mp3 I guess)
I always save my cubase project with a new number, perhaps if I go back to version saved right after the last vst connect session perhaps transfering the files might work then? before I started editing.

However I have added some vocals since that, so this solution would not be the best.

thanks for the help

It’s a bug, we’re working on it, sorry for the inconvenience. We probably don’t need your files anymore. Thanks for your help!

ok, thats great that you are working on it

So, to what extent do you think you will be able to solve the bug, and when? Today we had another session and recorded some more things, however, at the end it still did not work even to transfer the files while we were connected. When I pressed transfer files nothing happned, and after a while cubase stopped working.

So the question is, do you think you will be able to fix it completely so that we can continue working on this version of the project, and in the end I will get some kind of update, and then I will be able to get all the files that are missing from the last couple of sessions. OR will this project always be corrupt or something so that I should go back to an earlier version of the project when things were still working and simply re-record the work we did during the last couple of sessions, and then hope that the issue will never come up again. What should we do? I want to have another session in a week, but I dont want to spend time recording something which I know will go to to waste later because I wont be able to get the files.

thanks for the help

We’re working on a solution. You may PM me the Performer project file which is located in the folder that you transfered. It’s labeled “performerProjectXXX.xml” where XXX is a large number. then I can check to see if there are errors in it.

I sent a message to you, but as I mentioned above, you cant send xml files over this forum. So I changed the ending to .jpeg and I hope that works, you will have to change it back to .xml

Also, some trouble might be on my end, because like I said, now the program freezes just after me pressing get HD files locally, without even getting the chance to load that file, so maybe I should send you my project file as well?

also, if you want me to send you my project file, is it okay if I just send the newest version ( I add a number each time I save) or does it have to be the version that matches the one that was saved right after the vst session of which I sent you the .xml file?

I will check your file, thanks.
We tested more. It looks to me that Cubase doesn’t freeze, but whith “Get Local files” there should be a file select box which may be hidden behind other windows, waiting for your actions. Could you pls. check that?

Didn’t get your file yet, but sent another PM.
Meanwhile we have tested this and nothing appears to be wrong. But when you press “Get Local files”, a file selector dialog is beeing presented for you to select a folder. It may happen that this file select box, which waits for user action, is hidden behind other windows (Cubase, and/or other OS windows) which makes Cubase appear to be frozen, but it’s not. Check the taskbar for this hidden window, does that work for you?

I havent checked this, will get back to you on this, wont have time for it, now, I do have time to send you the file, so I will do that