Freezing a MIDI Track

Is there a way to freeze (disable) a MIDI track so that it still appears in the key editor but you cannot move or delete the notes? Essentially, I wonder if I could have a sketch in the background so I can lay other MIDI notes “on top” of it in the key editor. Currently, when I freeze a track, it disappears from the key editor.

No not really. The point of freezing is to free up processing power. It writes to an audio file a bit like rendering. The correct option is to unfreeze and edit. You could leave it frozen and do it on another track but that wouldn’t save you anything unless you did it on a less cpu intensive plugin

Maybe locking the track and/or parts is what you’re looking for?

I really did mean “locking”. I should have used that word instead of freezing. Still, when I lock the track, it disappears from the key editor.

When a MIDI Part is Locked (either directly or because its Track is Locked) it is not editable and so none of the MIDI Editors can open it. If you keep it unlocked you can minimize the chances of accidentally modifying it by setting the editor to only Edit Active Part. Also you could use Track Versions and keep a Locked copy of the MIDI Part as a kind of master-copy.

If you haven’t explored how the Chord Track can be used for visual guides in the Key Editor, you might want to give it a peek.

The chords/scales track is indispensable to me and I am aware of the “Edit Active Part” function. However, for some reason, I haven’t been using it to write over the existing notes, but it actually works! Thank you for that.