Freezing during input

I’ve just updated to 4.0.1 after struggling with 4 that was freezing every minute or so and the little blue circle would do its thing.
There is no difference with the update.
I wasn’t having this problem with 3.5. Maybe, I should just stay with that until this gets sorted. Dorico 4 is just eating up too much unproductive time.
I recognised that this doesn’t seem to be a general issue. Notwithstanding, it’s making what would otherwise be a very productive piece of software into an immovable monument to a good idea.

I am getting a similar problem with D4 with a new - at this stage - three page project. This started happening after updating to D4. With 3.5 there were no lag issues.
I thought it might have been due to the size of a project I have just completed of 330 pages - not so.
I have checked for things like sampling rate of my Behringer U-Phoria UMC404 or potential incompatibilities with other sound activities. All set to 48Hz/16 bit.
I’ve done an optimization of the computer - deleting temporary files; prefetch files; checked for corrupt system files.
I’ve stopped the VST driver and restarted Dorico. I’ve restarted the computer.
I have heaps of RAM and Disk space on an HP i7 - 6 core; 16Gb RAM; 2Tb internal HD.
Any thoughts?

So far as I can see you have only posted about this issue yesterday for the first time, so you’ve not let us know about this problem before now. (I’ve moved the post you added yesterday to a four year old thread to this thread to keep your problem together.)

Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply so we can see some information about what’s going on?

One thought: one Windows user experienced very slow performance due to some kind of unhelpful interaction with the Google Drive app:

If you have Google Drive installed on your computer, perhaps try disabling that to see if it helps?

I received an email notification of your response to this topic but I don’t know why. I’m not following it and haven’t had any similar problems.
But I am delighted with Dorico 4….
Bill Conable