Freezing external instrument?

I was wondering what I was doing wrong. I have an instrument track with midi-data that gets send to my Waldorf Pulse 2 and the output of the Pulse 2 is send back to my UR44. I want to freeze that track and Cubase tells me that this has to been done in real time. Then I get an error message that says CPU overload, which I find hard to grasp considering the CPU power that I have at my disposal. I have done freezing of external synths but then I was using a M-audio Firewire device without any problems.

Is it the USB audio interface that is slower compared to the previous Firewire device that I had or am I missing some buffer settings here?

Any one? I can’t be the only one.

Is this a whole new computer for you? Perhaps that’s to blame, if it is.

It’s for reasons like this that I will never use a USB audio interface. All I’ve ever heard is problem after problem with them. That bus on the motherboard is often built cheaply, crowded, and unreliable. FireWire forevs! :wink:

My main computer is not new it is still the same, I built it myself. Nothing but quality, top of the range, Asus components. I still have my Firewire device and I will start using it again.

Steinbergs UR44 audio interface is new though, giving my the opportunity to use my other two computers without Firewire Connection, as a possible DAW.

Thanks for your answer. I bought some new audio cables. I’ll just rewire the two audiointerface together.

No worries. There ya go! Hook up that USB interface to one of your other rigs and run another DAW—or VST System Link those bad boys! :smiley:

BTW: I didn’t mean to sound like I was bashing your pc. I think the whole USB spec itself is too unreliable to use in such a mission-critical job—no matter the quality of the parts.

Strange. I have the UR44 and several external instruments hooked up via MIDI and the inputs 3 to 6 on the interface. For each external device I made a (very simple) seperate MIDI-device. Real-time freeze or export show the same load as standard playback. No problems. I have no explanation.

I have built a new computer, switched to windows 8.1 and upgraded to Cubase Pro 8. Yesterday I tried to freeze my hardware synth again, lo and behold it worked perfectly on my UR44. At least one of the above parameters must have worked.