freezing group with external FX in Cubase 10 Pro

Long time Cubase user here.

Just recently I moved from mixing on my console to mixing ITB using hardware inserts and sum only on the console.

I’m looking for tips how to do the followig:

  • I have a couple of kick tracks summing into one kick group.
  • On the group I have one of my Distressors inserted as a hardware effect.
  • After completion of the mix, I want to consolidate the tracks with hardware inserts for future fast recalls.

What is the efficient way of doing this?
There is no freeze function for groups.
If I record back, I cannot use the same inputs to record the effects, so I have to bus via the console to a different input.
Then Cubase applies the delay compensation one time too many, so all my recorded tracks are actually ahead. In this case my recorded (via the Distressor) kick group channel is exactly the latency roundtrip ahead once back on a track.

What is the best way to do this?

Ideally I would like to do the following:

  • select all the groups I would like to freeze/consolidate
  • select whether I want them as mono or stereo tracks recorded
  • have Cubase manage the latency so they are in sinc with the rest of the project.

Many thanks,
Dirk Brouns
Studio Maasland

Found the solution: just add new audio tracks to record the externally processed groups to; select the group output as track input and Cubase perfectly takes care of the delay compensation. Kind of a no brainer actually.