Freezing Insert Effects delays audio playback. RESOLVED

As per title and this is not all the time or on all tracks. Example audio kick drum track Ozone 8 and one other FX, track plays back perfectly. As I have a low CPU and Ozone is a CPU hog I freeze the insert effects, on play back the kick drum is now completely out of sync and plays almost a couple of bars later. Unfreeze and it plays back perfectly. Anyone else had this intermittent problem. I have rendered the track but just the same problem on the render.

Any suggestions appreciated apart from get a new PC with more CPU LOL.

This was most certainly a PC error caused by a combination of Windows 10 upgrade and a power cut. Shortly after the above the playback started stuttering and CPU spiking. From now on I will use Cubase off line :slight_smile:.

Just a bump and also to explain that it is only the Frozen track that the play back is out of sync. I am thinking that Ozone 8 might be the culprit but I have it inserted on other tracks in this project and they play back perfectly after freezing.

If you save the settings in Ozone from that track and load that preset to another track do you get the same out of time render?
I’m suspecting it’s something active in that instance but not in others that creates a lot of extra latency that for some reason isn’t being corrected properly.

EDIT…Probably worth trying RIP instead of freeze.

Thanks for the help Grim another strange thing is that when I remove the Effects and I freeze the track it still plays back out of sync. So it clearly isn’t the FX that is causing the problem. Most odd a couple of events that may have some bearing are a windows 10 update, Cubase 9.5.21 update and now some Focusrite audio drop outs as in the USB crackles and drops out. My problem is which one of those three is the cause if any and as no one else has reported it on the update I am assuming it is not a Cubase related problem. Just not sure what I should be doing to resolve it. I keep promising myself to disconnect this desk top from the internet which maybe a good start but its so convenient LOL. :confused:

Did you try to remove the other plug on that track?
Is track routed directly to stereo out or via any groups?
Did you try RIP in place of freeze?

It’s most likely a plugin gone rogue…check master bus or relevant groups too.

Thanks again Grim yes RIP works fine as an alternative. No effect plugins at all and the same track still went out of sync when I froze it. Not a plugin issue as the same plugins on another track played back perfectly after freezing. Routed directly to stereo out. Most strange isn’t it!!!