Freezing instrument tracks messes up the sound and Midi data


I’m having some issues when I freeze some instrument tracks in Cubase 8 Elements with EastWest/Soundonline samples.

With the instrument “T Duduk Vib Bnd UP (Omni)” from the instrument pack called “RA”. I freeze the track and when it’s freezed I get absolutely no sound from it. All the other tracks except one are working fine and playing sound after freezing, but not this one.

The other that’s causing problems is the “Suona 1 KS master” from the instrument pack called “Silk”.
From this one I get sound but the keyswitching (low notes that decide the articulation) are not working the way they should. I get the wrong keyswitching from the instrument after freezing the track.

I opened a different Cubase project and got the message that all the cache files for freezing were lost and the instruments will be unfrozen.

I can work around these issues, but wanted to mention this as a principle for bug fixing in further releases etc.

Best regards, Michael Keihl