) Freezing of Midi events does not work

Technical question in Midi. I try to simplify the case.

  1. I have a Midi event, a series of simple chords.
  2. Two Midi effect in insert (Quantizer and Apache SX in arpeggiator) + Midi parameters
  3. I want to get the result in a new Midi event, result of the whole chain (because then I want to modify details).
  4. Freezing of Midi events does not work. It gives a different result. The arpeggiator behaves differently.

What do I do ? In Pro tools, MIDI modifications are applied to the clip in real time. In Cubase, there must be a function. It would freeze Midi data, but it would have to work. Is there another way?


Freeze MIDI Modifiers should do the trick. Could you provide a sample project, please? I’m wondering, why the arpeggio works different.

You can record the result of the MIDI Insert to the track by enabling the Record Output to Track button on the right side of the inter header. But this works only if the MIDI data comes from the track’s input. Not if the data comes from the track itself.

The only workaround I can see is to set the MIDI Out to some virtual MIDI cable port and add another MIDI track, where you would record the MIDI data back from the virtual MIDI cable.

Hi Martin,

I don’t know how to give you a midi file with its modifications that cannot be frozen, or I have to video record my maneuvers, which takes a long time for me. However, the phenomenon also occurs in the MIDI effects of Vienna Instruments pro from VSL, in particular with the function of the VOICES., When one applies an instrument from an ensemble by pitch in a chord. If the start of the modification process does not start in the same place or with the same history, the transformation is different. I believe that when freezing MIDI data, Cubase does not freeze at the same starting point as it does in playback. But Cubase has other such dysfunctions. Real-time quantization does not always give the same modifications as by the quantization panel (which is better in its results).

I am looking at your solution. I think MIDI exporting is one too. But these are workarounds. Cubase should offer midi rendering (in the same way as its audio renderings).

Since it works as expected for me, can you send a screenshot of the Arpache SX settings? Maybe we can reproduce it then.
If you like you can also show the Quantizer and Midi Parameter settings.

I’m trying to do that tomorrow. Thank you.


I was thinking of the CPR file with all the settings. Just the 1 track (plus the Chord track). You can remove all other tracks. And I would assign any other instrument, it must work the same then.

Ok, I just understood. I think it will be okay. This is because there was automation On / Off for Arpache and the freeze does not disable track automation. So it stayed there, with added effects. I did not see. Sorry and thanks. Your answers made me look further.