Freezing on startup

Cubase stops loading, on the Mixconsole (which may be the catch-all designation for all the things it’s loading?). I tried deleting the preferences folder contents and now it hangs on main load up (Initialzing libsndfile-1 now). At first I thought it was my last project but now it’s the whole thing.


libsndfile-1.dll or derivatives libsndfilex86 (or x64) seem to get installed with a few things including some vst sample instruments.

Make sure it’s not actually got in a vstplugins folder (or sub folder) so Cubase is scanning it as a plug and if you can’t find it there I guess some instrument is trying to call it and crashing for some reason so try searching windows to see what it has been installed by on your system and maybe repair or reinstall those instruments.

FWIW on my system these are installed with Aria Player (Garritan), Sforzando and surprisingly Har-Bal!