Freezing the instrumental track produces notes that play endlessly

To lighten the project I’m freezing 20 Instrumental tracks.
For 2 tracks there is a problem: freezing produces a file with suspended notes.
If I leave the 2 tracks unfrozen, in play, the problem does not arise. Unfortunately, if I leave the 2 tracks unfrozen and export the project (mixdown) the problem reoccurs for the 2 tracks and I cannot complete the work.

Please define the word “suspended” in this context.

In the transition from one note to another, the previous note does not end, it continues ad infinitum

I corrected the title

In order to troubleshoot this, we would need know everything about the tracks. Routing VSTs, etc.

I checked if there were CC64 (Sustain) but I don’t see any in the Key Editor and in the Automations Lanes.

Midi Monitor returns a line with the text in red: Outside prefecth (CC64) but I don’t know how to resolve it.

Outside prefecth appears only if I forcefully insert a CC64 message… but in reality there is no CC64 in the track and in play (unfrozen track) everything works.

The problem is only in the Freezing of the Track, or in the Render in place or in the Mixdown

I solved it with a workaround @Steve.

I had to delete the 2 “corrupt” Tracks and recreate them from scratch!

Before deleting the corrupted tracks I copied the Automations and pasted them into the new Tracks.

This was a long process that didn’t solve the real problem (I had to rewrite all the notes in all the Parts).

I was unable to view the CC data or whatever that generated the infinite notes problem (CC64 or Note off or whatever), to simply eliminate it!

I repeat, in Play, everything was correct!