Freezing tracks destroys project

When I froze several tracks in Cubasis 3.5 the resulting files were corrupted both in pitch and timing.
When I then unfroze all tracks to return to original state the entire project was corrupted, with large portions playing back as noise in places and with fluctuating pitch/timing in other (seemingly random) places in the project.
I tried using the undo button but the entire project remains FUBAR’ed.

Hi @Dee64

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

So far we are unaware about Track Freeze issues.

If possible, please provide us with a short clip that shows the steps leading to the problem. Are third-party plug-ins involved which might led to the issue?


Thanks for the response. I will try and replicate the problem (but I have not experienced this before so I don’t know how repeatable it may be…) I almost always use 3rd party plugins, mostly FabFilter and Waves.
I believe this problem may be related to the Project sample rate setting which I normally have set at 44.1k- on some occasions (when troubleshooting) I have found this reset (not by me!) to 48k leading to playback problems.