Freezing tracks doesn't lower CPU

Anyone had this issue? I can freeze every single midi track and it won’t change the load at all.

I can´t freeze MIDI tracks at all…

Midi tracks are just data & don’t use any significant amount of CPU & as ThinkingCap is suggesting, they do not have a freeze option.

Do you mean instrument tracks?
Maybe you can list steps to reproduce.

I use midi tracks and send my VSTi’s to them, so I’m talking about freezing my VSTi’s on my midi tracks.

In that case - please list your system specs…

for example - if you have a Pentium 3 with 128 meg of RAM then no matter how much freezing you do - you will probably still be overloaded :laughing:

I have a Pentium quad core Q6600 2.4Ghz with 4 (3.25) gigs of ram, so I have plenty of power. The load level doesn’t drop at ALL.

Sounds to me like a cracked vst is bugged causing your asio drivers to get rinsed. Turn off all your vst’s then turn each one on and off again one by one, till you find one vst or one manufacturer of vst that peaks your asio driver meter … i bet one specific vst will make it jump up like half the meter … if it is a bugged bit of cracked software (or even a bugged free vst) it’s normally when there’s more then one instance of it running … bare that in mind if the first test comes up clean … it;s generally a bug where the vst cracker or free vst maker messed up totally with the functionality of multiple instances running at the same time (but not always this). When something like this causes asio meter spikes … it generally don’t matter what’s going on … if the plug in is there and turned on it’ll mess the asio up regardless of tracks being frozen.

Another more simpler posability is that you’re selecting “freeze instrument only” instead of “freeze instrument and channels” … :wink:

hope something these helps ya sort this out … took me forever to realise it was a bugged vst doing it (well several actually) and i didn’t need to shell out on more parts to an already overly expensive PC. xD

Necro-Rama :laughing:

I think the thread ended 6 years ago after he pointed out that he had only 3 Gigs of usable RAM thou