Freezing up when i quit always

Hey there, i can’t find this problem in this forum, but i’m sure its probably here somewhere.
I have Wavelab 7.2.1 on a iMac i7 / OSX 10.7.4 / SSD main drive / 16GB Ram / Motu Traveler with latest audio software.

Everytime i quit Wavelab, my iMac hangs up… WHY?.. i tried booting 32bit & 64bit OSX and both seem the same… am i the only one?
anyone else have this issue?
Please help… its getting real annoying.

Peter Moshay / Live From Daryl’s House

Yep, Cubase and Wavelab. I don’t know what you can really do to treat an app hanging on exit.

Is it for real that there is no way to have this program not crash/lockup when quitting it???
Can someone at least please explain why???

This is probably caused by some problem located in your preferences.
On Mac, you can find them there:

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 7/
Verify the read/write access of this folder.
And for a radical solution, erase this folder.

Is the problem caused by being in 64bit OSX mode?
i am on OSX 10.7.4 with the latest Wavelab, i did a new install a few days ago

No. Even those of us running it 32 bit have to trash preferences from time to time.

I would be interested to know if that fixes it for you.

I trashed the pref’s and tonight it did not freeze… finally!!.. i hope it stays like this.
Thanks for the help