French horn clipping

I’m using VST orchestral instruments and I have found that more than any instrument French horns tend to clip and go over the maximum when on listening they don’t seem to be that loud in volume actually. Anyone know what to do about this oh why it happens?

Please ignore the above message. I worked out why it was peaking; because it was peaking. I put tons of reverb on the French horns so it sounded dark and distant more so than any other instrument, but this made me main tone or note less distinct, whilst creating lots of other extraneous stuff. Say when I went to turn it up because I couldn’t really hear the note, all the extraneous stuff came into play as well. I apologize for being simple.

Honesty always the best policy lol. It’s very easy to get gain structure wrong on sends to processors that are out of sight. And horns can sound very flat unless they are mournfully set back in giant reverb!