French ...shortcut doesn't works !

I would like to use Dorico «french language» but
some of the Shortcut do not respond at all !

we have had two threads about language related problems with different keyboard layouts, you may want to take a look

and see if that applies to what you are dealing with. Bonne chance!

Maybe should you be more specific… This would probably help Daniel and his team !
I also work with a french keyboard layout and it’s working for me. I only have trouble with the tuplets (I guess the key is += next to the right hand shift, but behaves strangely), and do not find that “;” is a good key for getting dotted rythms… but I’m getting accustomed ! [edit Actually, I find it quite normal now !]
I also found that, writing lyrics, a space could be written by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Space. This “uncuttable” space is usually achieved by pressing alt-space, so it is strange, but still I can cope with that.