French translation

Just thinking you may be have to take another french translator… :slight_smile:
In the app,
and first in this attached jpg.
In french, you have to write : " Bienvenue au logiciel", not “Bienvenue à le logiciel”
It sounds so ridiculous, sorry…

ouch!!.. :open_mouth:

I did not see that “coquille”, and actually I have put D’s main language in english, in order to communicate with the community here… BUT I noticed that the bass singers are still named Grave in french ; this is something I reported a month ago and was supposed to be corrected. I guess the localisation work in french has not been a priority for 1.0.10 ^^
Anyway, Dorico folks, we are a bunch of french fellows here willing to help, so don’t be shy if you need something to be re-read and corrected. I know I would do it with pleasure

Thanks for the feedback. Dorico itself and the marketing materials are translated by different people. I will pass this on to our marketing team.

Ok. Thanks Daniel.
I’m not employed by Steinberg to do this :slight_smile: but i’m happy to do it for you cause i believe you are a good person…
So, there are a lot of mistakes in french, in translation and conception…
I will tell you one after one…

In the folder “Groupe”, in english “Band”,
there is “Ensemble de cuivres” for “Brass band”.
In France, it’s absolutely not the same band.
A brass band is called… a “brass band” !
And an “Ensemble de cuivres” is very various, typical 4trp, 4 trb, Tuba.
So please translate “Brass band” by…“Brass band”!

In the same folder, “Concert band” translated to “Groupe de concert”.
Sorry, It does not make any sense in French.
This band is called " Orchestre d’harmonie", and a lot of composers use a software for that!

I wish you the best, and next time!

Thanks for this feedback, which I will pass on to our manuals team, who will in turn pass it on to our French translator.

Hello! I noticed that when you use a transposing instrument, the “in” that precedes the pitch is translated as “dans” but the right translation is “en”. Would it be possible to change it?

Thank you!

This was fixed in the Dorico 1.0.20 update, which was released about twenty minutes after your post.

Dear Daniel,

Apart from that improvement, I do not notice any change in the french localisation. Am I wrong ? (Basse still goes by Grave, Cl. en la by A Cl., all transposing notes showing in labels are still ABC system…)

Thanks for that 1.0.2 update, it feels like a Christmas gift ^^

You’re right that there are no other changes in the French translation in this release. Our localisation teams are currently focused on producing the first batch of translated documentation for, and so have not been working on the core software itself since 1.0.10.