French transposition

Hope I’m not missing something ?

Great work have been done about instruments name in french thanks for that.

Now, could we expect soon to have also «instrument pitch or transposition» in french too?
I means -A B C D E F G- written in french ( La, Si, Do, Ré, Mi, Fa, Sol) like «Clarinette en Sib» or «Trompette en Ré» as name of stave.

It is fantastique into the instrument list…

Realy hope its comming soon.


Sincerely Dorico
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It’s on the list, Alain, and we’ll hopefully be able to address this as part of some work on staff labelling more generally.


Thanks for your answer.

I’m sure that this is on you list !

We hope that feature as soon as possible.
Dorico is so wonderful that the lack this basic feature is a relatively disturbing thing.

We understand that you Dorico’s Team get a lot of request and that you are doing your best to make every thing just «perfect».

Thanks again for you tremendious work.



Well, Alain, since 1.2 we can disable the automatic labelling with transposition. So I disabled it and added the right french transposition directly in the name itself… but I am sure you already thought about that, since you’re really a (the?) trained user !

+1 on this. Until then, will mark them manually, as Marc has suggested. I am starting a band project, so I hope I won’t have any project breaker with this version of Dorico…