FreqEQ bug?

Doubleclicking on the dots does not reset the curve? Every other EQ, incl, the mixer EQ does this? Can this be implemented please?

Hi Raphie,

deactivating by double-click would not be so hard to implement.
More difficult is the opposite: activating a band by clicking. Because it is not always clear which one was meant.
L(M) or R(S) ?


Aplogies, with deactivate I mean flatten the curve (all knobs at start position) not turning off the band, my bad
Doubleclick to flatten would be great :slight_smile:

Double-clicking a marker in the ChannelEq display does de-activate the corresponding band. I just tried it.
Same goes for StudioEq.
For Frequency it is a bit more difficult, as I mentioned.
I’ll add some kind of reset functionality as a feature request to our list for future updates.