Frequency 2 EQ - Mid-Side view

When using Frequency EQ with mid/side band, could it be possible to have the option to choose the view between all the Mid and all the Side.
Actually we have the option to “switch off” the mid and side per band, but it only make them grey. And when we have few band open it become really messy, it’s really hard to see the over-all shape of my EQing.

A general switching view to (only) all my Mid bands and (only) all my Side bands in 1 click in the Frequency, could be so damn good for my eyes :sunglasses:

And the other way to have a better over view in frequency, is to have the Option to view 12 db scale in frequency like Mozizo suggest.

Hi tepa,
thanks for explaining,
I added this feature request to our data base.



Thanks for your reply !