Frequency 2-sidechaining and dynamic EQ

I’ve been looking at frequency 2, which really has a lot of options.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the difference between dynamic eq and sidechaining. They seem to do the same thing but this can’t be the case if they are both offered as options.

At the risk of looking ignorant, can anyone tell me the difference?

A dynamic EQ will lower (or raise) any frequency band when the level of that frequency band crosses a threshold. For example if you have a guitar and every now and then there is an awful frequency at 700hz, but you dont want to continuously notch out that frequency because it only gets bad at certain points, you can put a dynamic band there and it will only lower that frequency when it crosses the threshold.

A sidechain is when your effect is activated by another source, such as a different track. Some plugins will let that other source be within the same audio/plugin, so like for example you could make a 700 hz band lower when a 200hz band is detected.

A very common example of sidechaining (esp in EDM) is compressing a subbass track when the kick hits. So that the kick can shine through the sub.


Thanks for your reply. It was the internal side chain in particular that I was wondering about and the being able to have one frequency control another is a great feature.