Frequency 8 band EQ

This 8 band EQ plugin seems like a bit of a revelation to me.
The ability to solo certain frequencies when adjusting is incredibly helpful and game changer!
Someones going to tell me some plugin i’ve never heard of that costs as much as a car has done it for years, someone else will tell me there’s been freeware plugins for 18 years that have also done the same thing but I don’t care :slight_smile:

It also looks half decent ,dare I say unlike the rest of the cubase GUI if i’m honest (whats with the blue in grey anyway?)

Anyway i’ve not seen much chatter about this and just wanted to say to Steinberg “well done”
I also like the revamped look of the other in built plugins.

I would still like a limiter/maximiser plugin that was as good as the Sonnox Oxford Limiter but I’ll have to settle for what I got.

I used Frequency on two electric guitar tracks today and found it very good sonically and once I got used to the two level GUI approach very easy to use.

It seems to be just a slightly re-skinned version of the EQ from Wavelab 9, which would explain the nice GUI.

How is it compared to Pro Q2?

Pro Q2 gives you sidechain input for frequency clash, freeze, Zero Latency mode, Normal Phase (like analogue EQ’s) mode, Linear Phase mode. Pro Q2 is my goto individual track EQ.
There are big differences in features so it would be hard to compare the two tools.
But I’m also the guy who puts a Waves PuigTec or Soundtoys Sie-Q on my Master 2ch usually with no (or rarely very minimal) adjustments from default just because I like the subtle “color” they impart.